The Imperial- The Ramsey 8ft, Whiskey

  • 8-foot pool table with an accessories drawer
  • Diamond-shielded leather drop pockets
  • Double crossbeams support pearlized 1-inch K-pattern-backed slate.
  • Unibody design simplifies assembly
  • Features leather internal drop pockets and K66 cushion rubber for the true rebound

The Ramsey 8-foot pool table is both attractive and functional. This table’s classic style and craftsmanship make it a focal point in any room. The table’s rails, body, and tapering legs are solid wood. The beauty of the routed cabinet and legs is heightened by the diamond-shielded leather pockets and pearlized double diamond sites. The K66 cushion rubber and 1-inch backed K pattern slate guarantee a great game. An accessory drawer is incorporated into the table’s body for convenience, storing all of your attachments. Our Uni-Body design simplifies installation and disassembly; the body is pre-assembled. The double crossbeam structure maintains the slate and increases the table’s stability so that you may play your best. The Ramsey is the pool table for you if you desire elegance and functionality. Cloth is not included with the table; it must be purchased separately.

8-foot billiard table with 1-inch backed K pattern slate


  • 8-ft. Billiard Table with a conveniently located accessory drawer
  • Leather drop pockets with diamond shield
  • Pearlized double diamond sites
  • 1-inch K pattern backed slate is supported by double crossbeam construction
  • Uni-body design makes assembly easier
  • Features leather internal drop pockets and K66 cushion rubber for the true rebound
  • Cloth sold separately
  • All Imperial pool table purchases benefit the National Forest Foundation

About Imperial Co.

Imperial is the premier provider of billiards equipment and licensed merchandise from the NFL, MLB, NHL, and other notable organizations.

Imperial has been a family-owned firm supplying the leisure home market since 1955. Since then, we have grown to become the nation’s leading distributor of billiards and gaming rooms. Imperial, on the other hand, is more than just a wholesaler. Imperial is a well-known billiards company, offering a wide range of pool tables, cues, and pool table accessories. As industry leaders, we develop, manufacture, and sell products that individuals are proud to display on their floors or in their homes.

The finest grades of North American hardwoods, including maple, ash, and douglas fir, are used to manufacture our products. Most of our pool tables are constructed from solid wood and with a lifetime warranty.

Each table may be customized to the individual’s taste and desire without compromising the essential cuts for a great game. Choose from various textile tones to compliment your home’s interior décor. Standard and available on many versions for your pleasure are dining surfaces. We take pride in offering necessary, visually beautiful, functional, engaging, and game-specific sporting equipment. Contact us for further information.

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