The Imperial- Rasson 8ft OX

  • This pool table is of commercial grade and would look great in any game or game room in your house.
  • Pads Klematch P59
  • A surface-leveling system and a Cabinet made of aluminum-alloy support beams
  • Includes The dimensions of the Simonis 860 tournament cloth are as follows: playfield (in inches): 90 x 45 pockets (in inches): 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 5″ outside (in inches): 103.5 x 58.75 x 32.75

The pockets and the Slate Leveling and Leg Leveling Systems of the Rasson OX Commercial Pool Table are made from a TPR material that was developed by Rasson and granted a patent. This table has all the components necessary for a constant reaction and extended life: quality slate (30 mm thick), Klematch P59 cushion, and aluminum beams. This elegant rail will not bend, scrape, or burn from cigarettes. The OX table fully satisfies both the EPBF and the WPA’s requirements. Billiard cloth is a regular Simonis 860 Tournament Blue.
rasson OX 1

8-foot billiard table with 1-inch backed K pattern slaterasson ox 2 white

2 Finishes Available


  • A commercial pool table that meets EPBF and WPA specifications
  • Klematch P59 Cushions will provide you with years of flawless performance
  • Aluminum Alloy support beam
  • Includes slate and leg leveling systems
  • Simonis 860 Tournament Blue cloth
  • Pocket Size: 4.5″ Corner, 5″ Side
  • Playfield Dimensions: 100″ x 50″
  • Outside Dimensions: 113.5″ x 63.75″ x 32.75″
  • Special order options are available

About Imperial Co.

Imperial is more than a Distributor; it is the best supplier of billiards equipment and licensed items from the NFL, MLB, NHL, and other prestigious institutions.

Imperial is a family-owned enterprise serving the leisure home market since 1955. Since then, we have become the leading distributor of billiards and gaming rooms in the United States. However, Imperial is not only a distributor. Imperial is a trusted name in billiards, offering its own range of pool tables, cues, and pool table accessories. As industry specialists, we design, produce, and distribute goods that consumers are happy to exhibit on their floors or homes.

Our goods are created from the most acceptable grades of North American hardwoods, such as maple, ash, and douglas fir. Most of our pool tables are crafted from solid wood and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Each table may be tailored to the individual’s liking and preference without sacrificing the necessary cuts for an outstanding game. Choose from a range of textile hues to complement the interior design of your house. Dining surfaces are standard and available on several models for your amusement. We take pleasure in providing vital, aesthetically pleasing athletic equipment that is useful, entertaining, and intended for the ideal game. Contact us for additional details.

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