With the breathtaking ambiance, the Acies 38 gas fireplace has a sleek linear design and a multitude of designer options. Napoleon’s Acies 38 series of gas fireplaces provide a completely luxurious experience delivered courtesy of their new Divinity flame pattern. With up to 24,000 BTUs and Fuel saving SIT Proflame II electronic ignition system with battery backup, the Acies 38 gas fireplace combines modern technology and comfort. Available as a single-sided or a two-sided See-Thru model, the radiant glow is enjoyed through the CRYSTALINE ember bed with the option of adding Beach Fire, Shore Fire, Mineral Rock media enhancement kits, and more! A black standard safety barrier is included, and you have easy access to air control for fast and precise air shutter adjustments. Using the innovation of Dynamic Heat Control, heat can be transferred away from the glass for interior zone heating or removal outside of the home, meaning you can finish your fireplace with any material allowing you complete installation flexibility.

Acies 38 Optional Accessories:

  • Optional Remote
  • Optional media includes: Nickel Stix, Mineral Rock Kit, Shore Fire Kit and
    Beach Fire Kits, Glass Embers, and Glass Beads in various colors.
  • Finishing trims in black and stainless steel

Additional Materials