Montigo – R320 Gas Fireplace

  • Frameless design allows for brick or tile installation over the fireplace
  • R320/420 convertible 5”/8” top or rear power vent
  • R520/720/820 convertible 5”/10” top or rear power vent
  • Linear contemporary burner with White, Silver, Opaque fire stones
  • Unique door design for easy access to firebox
  • 100% fail-safe shut-off valve

The Montigo R320 gas fireplace balanced design in elegant proportions. The R320 gas fireplace is a single side power vent dedicated fireplace characterized by a generous landscape viewing area and linear burner. Rock or tile can be installed over the firebox frame for a clean minimalist look.  The Montigo R320 gas fireplace boosts 50,000 BTU’s with frameless design, tempered glass, door screen, HSI ignition, with a viewing area of 37 1/4″ Wide x 16 1/8″ High.

Montigo R320 Gas Fireplace Options:

  • Various linear contemporary burner accessories
  • Remote control

Additional Materials