Heat & Glo – Foundation Gas Fireplaces

Our goal is for you to live your best life. With the largest, brightest flame, clearest vision, and safe-touch glass, the Foundation Single-Sided gas fireplace stands out. It catches your eye as well as your heart.



Modern in form and luxurious by design, the Foundation gas fireplaces were created to consider the whole space, bringing your vision together. Inspired by key architecture and design principles and then carefully honed to simplicity with clean lines and functional shapes, Foundation Series features are embraced by the most discerning homeowners and builders. The Foundation gas fireplaces are available in 4’, 5’, 6’, and 7’ lengths. With big, bold flames that elevate your senses and a clear view of the beautiful fire, the Foundation gas fireplaces add a signature focal point to today’s most sophisticated interiors.  Each Foundation Series fireplace comes standard with multi-colored chromotherapy LED lighting. Set and easily change the lights to different hues to match whatever mood or color scheme you’d like. Chromotherapy uses light in color to balance energy in a person’s body by enhancing relaxation or invigoration. With patented SafeSurface double-pane glass – proprietary cooling system, Foundation gas fireplaces keep heat away from the outer glass surface with no safety screen. Foundation gas fireplaces have a modern look, and you can finish with combustible materials up to the fireplace opening.

Foundation Gas Fireplace optional accessories:

  • Three additional colors of glass media (Ebony, Amber, and Caribbean Blue)
  • Three options of real natural stones (Mixed, Polished Gold, Polished Black)
  • Driftwood log set for each size
  • Reversible mirrored interior panels for enhanced or subtle infinite flame reflection
  • Can be connected to smart home automation systems

Model  4-ss

  • BTU/Hr. Input: 60,000
  • Glass Size: 50-1/4 X 24

Model 5-ss

  • BTU/Hr. Input: 80,000
  • Glass Size: 62-3/16 X 24

Model 6-ss

  • BTU/Hr. Input: 100,000
  • Glass Size: 74-1/4 X 24

Model 7-ss

  • BTU/Hr. Input: 120,000
  • Glass Size: 86-3/16 X 2

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