ATV-17 Sport Swim Spa

Professional swim fitness and instruction for strenuous exercises. If you want the same resistance for difficult exercises as the ATV-14 Sport, but want more area for swimming and working out, the ATV-17 Sport is the boat for you! With an additional 3 feet / 91.4 centimeters of length and 5 inches / 12.7 centimeters of depth (total water depth of 53 inches / 135 centimeters), this model offers more options for your swim and exercise requirements.


Professional swim training and conditioning for vigorous workouts. If you’re looking for the same resistance for rigorous workouts that the ATV-14 Sport offers, but want an expanded swim and workout space, the ATV-17 Sport is the vessel for you! It has more versatility for your swim and workout needs with an extra 3 ft. / 91.4 cm of length and 5 in. / 12.7 cm of depth (53 in. / 135 cm total water depth) than the 14 model. The ATV-17 Sport still includes 3 dual-speed pumps (160 GPM / 606 LPM) to create a flow rate of 480 GPM / 1,817 LPM to deliver swim workouts and strength and rehab conditioning exercises with low-impact on your body. Twin-end tether points offer more workout options with and against the flow.

Standard Features:

  • 26 therapy jets
  • 6 high volume turbo swim jets
  • flow rate 480 gpm / 1817 lpm
  • 3 dual-speed 160 gpm / 606 lpm pump
  • twin end tether anchors
  • Interior steps build to ANSI specification w/12-point LED lighting

Size: 204in x 89.5in x 61in 519cm x 227cm x 155cm
Weight dry/full: 3,060lbs / 22,450lbs 1,388 kgs / 10,183kgs
Water depth: 53 in 135 cm
Ozonator: Corona discharge Corona discharge
Therapy seats: 1 full depth, 1 cool down 1 full depth, 1 cool down
Filtration: 2 – 90 square foot filters 2 – 8.4 square meter filters
Synthetic exterior: Cordovan or Barnwood
Interior: Frost White (w/ Ocean Blue or Sky Blue trim)
Water capacity: 2400 gal
Electrical: 240V, 60 hz, 50 amp
Control panel: Easy access interior facing • Side located
Skimmers: Integrated cover/LED lit
Insulation: Full foam
Swim tether kit: Included

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