Affordable Luxury For Your Lifestyle


When you’re looking for a hot tub, you’re seeking for a place to unwind and relax at home. With outstanding quality and a passion for hot water therapy, we design our hot tubs with you in mind. Each Nordic Hot Tub bears our name with pride. Take a look around and see for yourself how peaceful it is.

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The Luxury Series

Nordic’s Luxury Series transports you to a world of affordable luxury. The Encore LSTM will wrap you in Affordable Luxury from neck to toes after you’ve relaxed into the corner captain’s chairs or our No-FloatTM lounger. The powerful Nordic StarTM jets massage your neck, back, hips, and feet. 

Luxury Class: Elite
Available Seats: 6-8
Spa Models: 3

 The Sport Edition Series

Relax in the softly bucketed chairs and let the spinning water bestow sumptuous hot water massage on your neck, back, and feet. Untangle muscles and remove tension while a strong massage relaxes your entire body, leaving you feeling like a new person! Nordic’s Sport Edition Hot Tubs will pamper you with affordable luxury!

Luxury Class: Mid-range
Available Seats: 2-6
Spa Models: 5

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Modern Series

With the Modern Series Hot Tubs, our best-selling hot tub models, you can create a magnificent sanctuary in your own backyard! The Modern Series has two deep therapeutic bucket seats and a bench seat, providing ample space for entertaining or simply relaxing away from the stresses of the day.

Luxury Class: Elite
Available Seats: 3-6
Spa Models: 6

Classic Series 

You put in a lot of effort at work, and you put in even more effort at play. Your hot tub deserves to be as intense as you are! The Classic Series is a powerful hot tub that is meant to provide you with the best hot water therapy possible. Soothe and heal your painful muscles by immersing yourself in swirling hot water waves.

Luxury Class: High
Available Seats: 5-6
Spa Models: 6

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All-In-110V Series 

Our All-In 110VTM Models will leave you speechless with their incredible value! Imagine letting go of your anxiety and stress as you relax in our No-FloatTM lounger. Use our Nordic StarTM jets’ pulsing, hot water treatment to relax and revitalize your body and mind.

Luxury Class: High
Available Seats: 2-6
Spa Models: 6