When you purchase a pool table for your home gaming room, basement, or another place, you must verify sufficient space for the table. The amount of space required for a pool table depends on the following variables:

#1. The size of the room

You do not want to acquire a pool table for your house only to discover that it will not fit in the room when the installers arrive. You must measure the room’s free area to see whether a pool table would fit.

Many people make the error of estimating the room’s measurements rather than the open area. You have not accounted for wall hangings, furniture, light fixtures, and other objects that restrict the available space.

#2. Space around the pool table


Second, you will need room around the edge of the pool table so that you may move the pool cues without fear of striking the wall. The standard pool cue length is 58 inches. Therefore, you must consider the size of the pool cues and the range of motion required to slide it back and strike the ball.

Some cues measure 52 inches and 48 inches in length. Therefore, this may be possible if you have your heart set on a particular table but want a bit extra space.

#3. The Size of the Pool Table


The size of the pool table is also crucial. You must ensure no obstacles between the table and the wall that may impede movement around it. You also do not want to set the pool table against a wall since making shots from that side of the table would be impossible.

Standard pool table sizes range from 6 to 9 feet in length. In addition to 8-foot and 9-foot tables, there are 10-foot and 12-foot tables available if you want a regulation-size snooker table. When comparing the various sizes of pool tables, keep in mind that the majority adhere to the regulatory requirements of a 2-to-1 ratio, meaning that the length is twice the breadth.

A 6-foot table, for instance, is 3 feet broad and 6 feet long. Therefore, the table will occupy this area in the room. Additionally, you would need to add several feet around the table to allow for simple mobility and many more feet to utilize the pool cues.

Minimum Room Dimensions for Different Pool Table Sizes

Here are some general dimension guidelines for you to use to help you determine what size pool table will fit easily in the space in your home where you want to install a pool table.

  • 6-Foot Table – You will need a room at least 15 feet x 12 feet.
  • 7-Foot Table – The minimum dimension you will need is 16 feet x 13 feet.
  • 8-Foot Table – You will want a room at least 17 feet x 13 feet.
  • 9-Foot Table – You will need an area that is 18 feet x 14 feet.

In general, as the length of the pool table increases by one foot, the length of the room also increases by one foot.

Options for Installing a Pool Table in a Smaller Space

It is possible to install a pool table into a smaller space using shorter pool cues. In general, as you go down one size pool cue, the minimum required space also drops about a foot, as follows:

  • 52-inch Pool Cue:
    • 6-Foot Table – 14 feet x 11 feet
    • 7-Foot Table – 15 feet x 12 feet
    • 8-Foot Table – 16 feet x 12 feet
    • 9-Foot Table – 17 feet x 13 feet
  • 48-inch Pool Cue:
    • 6-Foot Table – 13 feet x 10 feet
    • 7-Foot Table – 14 feet x 11 feet
    • 8-Foot Table – 15 feet x 11 feet
    • 9-Foot Table – 16 feet x 12 feet

Other Considerations

image 1

In addition to ensuring that your home’s room dimensions will fit a pool table, you need also examine the space’s ceiling height. The majority of individuals will wish to put lights above the pool table’s playing surface to facilitate nighttime pool play.

In a room with 8.5-foot ceilings, for instance, the light fixture should not dangle more than 3 feet from the ceiling. This leaves roughly 5.5 feet between the floor and the bottom of the light fixture and approximately 3 feet between the tabletop and the base. Alternatively, if you have 10-foot ceilings, you can suspend the light fixture 4.5 feet below the ceiling.

Last but not least, double-check the room’s measurements to ensure adequate space around the pool table and ample area to move the pool cues without striking the wall.

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