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At Viking, we strive to deliver spas of the finest quality at the lowest possible cost. Our spas are among the most energy-efficient on the market, using the least amount of power while maintaining excellent water jet pressure. Our dedication to providing the finest value has earned Viking Spas an immaculate reputation in the spa business and partnerships with some of the world’s leading merchants. Feel free to check out our items and experience Viking’s value for yourself.

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Offering the finest luxury features while keeping focus on the simplicity and value

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Comfortable and stylish with outstanding performance

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Why Viking Spas?

At Viking, we try to develop our products with the optimal combination of features and price, resulting in internationally renowned excellence. With almost 50 years of manufacturing expertise, we have made it our mission to give consumers the greatest features they need and the most fascinating alternatives they are certain to want.

Adapting our product to new technology, exciting advances in materials, and concentrating on enhancing the health advantages of our spas guide our innovation.

The Viking Difference

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The distinctive SoftTouch material from Viking provides an unsurpassed slip-resistant surface. Our highly unbreakable shell is covered by a Lifetime Warranty*.

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From spa controls to cabinetry to treatment components, Viking chooses only the most reputable and dependable manufacturers.

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Our engineers placed a premium on comfort, as seen by the ergonomic seating layouts. Our innovative seating types include zero-G loungers, captain’s chairs and barrier-free multi-level.

Search by your party size!

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2-3 Person

These tubs are ideal for smaller groups. These spas are the right size for a private hot tub session or for treating back pain and body pains.

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4-5 Person

This is the ideal size for a family to unwind and spend time together. These medium-sized hot tubs are great for entertaining.

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5-6 Person

A hot tub for 5 or 6 people allows you to relieve tension in the comfort of your own home while surrounded by loved ones.

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6+ Person

These enormous hot tubs, which are luxurious in size and design, are great for customers who like to relax with a number of other visitors. After a hard day at the office, hot tubs for 6 or more people are roomy and outfitted with several jets for pain treatment and relaxation.