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The Peak of Swim Spa Enjoyment
Aquatic Training VesselsTM by Marquis® provides the supreme swim spa experience. They are capacious, robust, and adaptable. Made in the United States and designed to function in a range of water situations, including rigorous training, soft conditioning, fitness, stress-free relaxation, and play. ATV adjusts to your fitness level and objectives, regardless of whether you are an athlete, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply a water lover looking for a pleasant place to unwind. Combine the mobility of an above-ground pool with the limitless swimming of a lap pool and the hydrotherapy of a hot tub.

ATV V150P Swim Spa

V150P and V150W Swim Spas

The Vector21 Series V150P is a massive party spa that combines the elements of a hot tub and swim spa in a single futuristic vessel. This one-of-a-kind hybrid design has eight massage chairs with world-class hydrotherapy.

Luxury Class: Elite
Available Seats: 8-10
Spa Models: 2

ATV Splash Series

Swimming and exercise facilities with sufficient space for parties. If you are a water lover who desires a milder swim, stretches, soaks, or splash, then the ATV-14 Splash is the vessel for you!

Luxury Class: Mid-range
Available Seats: 3-6
Spa Models: 1

ATV Swim Spa Cuple in Seats
ATV V150 Swim Spa Family

ATV Sport Series

Professional swim fitness and instruction for strenuous exercises. If you want the same resistance for difficult exercises as the ATV-14 Sport, but want more area for swimming and working out, the ATV-17 Sport is the spa for you!  These models offer more options for your swim and exercise requirements.

Luxury Class: Mid-Range
Available Seats: 3-7
Spa Models: 2

ATV-17 Kona

The revolutionary Whitewater-4TM jets are unique to Kona and produce a wall of water to increase your swim speed choices and exercise intensity. Class 4 white water is considered “advanced” in the realm of outdoor sports.

Luxury Class: High
Available Seats: 3-7
Spa Models: 1

ATV Swimmer